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ESQG Photo Galleries

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2016-2017 Guild Year2017 Pat Sloan

2016-2017 Guild Year2016-2017 Guild Year

2014 fidget quilts2014 Fidget Quilts

2014 show and tellSeptember 2014 Show and Tell

2013 show2013 ESQG Quilt Show

2013 Victorian2013 Victorian Days

2012 Victorian2012 Victorian Days

2011 show2011 ESQG Quilt Show

2011 fair2011 Warren County Fair

2011 mysteryMystery Quilt - February 12, 2011

2009 show2009 ESQG Quilt Show (Photos by Angie's husband and Sharon Roehrig)

2009 fair2009 Warren County Fair (HCQG photos on their site)

rtims and company2009 Ricky Tims Seminar

gingerbread houseCarol Smith Gingerbread House

Nellierae Clark-Huffman's Halloween quilt at Dunkin Donuts

2008 Warren County Fair

Pat Knoechel 6/20/2008